Our mission is to create a place of comfort and beauty for women. A place where you can indulge your femininity, be creative, enjoy a glass of champagne and feel connected, understood and part of a community. A place where we have real conversations about topics that matter. A place you don’t have to dress up to attend. A place where you can be yourself.

We want House of Hobby to be your place to unwind and indulge. Your escape.

We want to create a community of women who do things for themselves and make time to put themselves first because they freaking deserve it!

YOU freaking deserve it 💕

Our Values

What We Do

House of Hobby hosts a variety of creative workshops intended to bring like-minded women together to have fun, get creative, make memories and fabulous new friends.

We provide simple, beautiful and fun workshops for ladies looking to learn new skills and put their creative minds to work. We firmly believe that when women take more time for themselves they become unstoppable. So get a group of girlfriends together or come along and meet some new people and indulge your creative side, laugh the afternoon away and share a few glasses of bubbles while we build a strong community of beautiful women! 

 We want to provide all ladies with the opportunity to find happiness in a new creative hobby so that they can spend time doing something they love everyday.
After all, every moment you spend doing something you love brings you closer to being the best version of yourself.

We have 5 core values that are fundamental to everything we do, not just in business but in the way we live our lives:

  • Fun - making every situation laugh out loud funny and enjoyable

  • Creativity - flexing our creative muscles as often as possible

  • Authenticity - being 100% honest and real in all situations

  • Empowerment - empowering ourselves & others to be the best versions of themselves

  • Learning - Opening our minds to learn new skills & adopt new ways of thinking