Who is Stephie G? Its meee 👋🏼

I’m the creator & owner of House of Hobby, I’m a daughter (an only child), a lover to the best guy in Aus (sorry ladies), a fiercely caring friend & a fiery Aries with a vision SO big it almost scares me!

I spent a long time lost... trying to be who everyone said I should be. Trying to fit into societies box. Trying to balance a busy corporate job, starving myself for the perfect body, throwing myself at men for just an ounce of assurance that I was lovable. But I was desperately lonely & at 26 had no idea who I was.

I know there are a lot of women out there just getting by, feeling all of societies expectations on their shoulders, totally unworthy and utterly misunderstood. I know there are a lot of women out there who want to connect, but don’t know how to meet people and always feel like they’re going to be judged.

My mission is to create a place of comfort and beauty for women like this. A place where you can indulge your femininity, be creative, enjoy a glass of champagne and feel connected, understood and part of a community. A place where we have real conversations about topics that matter. A place you don’t have to dress up to attend. A place where you can be yourself.

I want House of Hobby to be your place to unwind and indulge. Your escape.

I want to create a community of women who do things for themselves and make time to put themselves first because they freaking deserve it!
YOU freaking deserve it!