Be You, Be Free

I felt it with every breathe I took, this “not-enough-ness”. I felt it so deep into my core. It was part of me.

There was an aching to belong; an aching to please. And in this longing to please others, I moved further away from being me. And, even though I tried, I always found that what I did was not enough.

And so I decided to stop and really just be me. And it was funny because as soon as I stopped comparing myself to those around me and trying to please, I planted a seed. It was a seed of self belief, a seed that didn’t require validation. A seed of the woman I was meant to be.

And I grew. Emotionally, spiritually and physically into this woman who I was proud of and into the woman who I was always meant to be. And my smile is bigger than ever before, I am finally free.

And if I could ask you one thing it would be... when will you finally let yourself be free?